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Transformation happens when we face that which scares us most.  A quick glance inside typically won't do.  Transformation is also about getting in contact with our desires; connecting and acknowledging that which burns inside of us. I believe humans have a huge capacity to hold emotions and desires inside a complex system of avoidance and... Continue Reading →


Why plan?

Are you happy in your current position? Does your business give you the feeling of success? Does your team have a common focus or goal? If you answered "no" to any these questions, then perhaps your problem is that you and your business lacks a plan. So here's my "tip for the day" - make... Continue Reading →


Can you express yourself in a debate without blaming the other party? I recently read an article where an opinion was expressed about the "lack of intelligent debate" in our country today?   Why is this?  Can we not have a difference of opinion, yet still come to some kind of working conclusion that doesn't leave... Continue Reading →

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